TVM’s Safety and Compliance Department is here to help with any questions or issues that may arise. The success of this mission depends upon a true partnership between TVM’s Safety personnel and the diverse population of drivers, owner operators and staff that constitutes the TV Minority community – a partnership built on mutual respect and responsibility.

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As a professional driver, you know that safe and responsible driving habits help get everyone home to their loved ones including yourself. By being prepared and knowing what to expect up the road will help you make a more informed decision of whether to proceed, stop, turn back or reroute. Is the weight on your bills 32,000 or more? Find the nearest CAT scale with the link below. You know those DOT officers are going to pull you over at some point in time. Learn what the DOT officers already know and what they will be looking for with the link below. How is the weather? Click on Intellicast and find out what you can expect. How are those road conditions? Click on the U.S. Department of Transportation link to see if you will have construction zones, road closures and what those road weather conditions are ahead. Stay safe by being more informed than ever before. Plan your day in just a few moments. In this fast growing age of computers, more tools of your trade are just a click away.

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